To reach a perfect mix of quality and price, there are some very important “ingredients” necessary:


Best materials matched up with different technologies and the use of most modern computer steered machines.


Together with our customers and based on constant training of our employees, a perfect product is raised.


Due to its high quality, output can be increased.


We do share this knowledge and experience with our customers. In special training either held in our headquarters or at your plant, we hold training for you and your employees.


That’s what we call teamwork.


Stuck in the present refuses the future!

Very important influences on the achievement of die cutters are the right gumming and the use of different kinds of rubber.

By the use of most modern technologies like highpressure water cutting machines and bases on the digital data of the customer we reach perfect gumming results for you based on the following criteria:
+ Ejection of the cardboard at the cuttinglines
+ Fixing the milar during the process
+ Neutralising the cutting-process before crease-process
+ Sparing of the nicks
+ Balancing the cutting-preasure

Lasercutting Waterjet