SARS-CoV-2 (Corona-Virus)

Dear valued customers and business partners,

through the developments over the last weeks, we have met all requirements to minimise the spread of the virus. Until now, all of our employees have been spared from an infection. We have further taken all measurements to keep it this way.

Our ability to deliver is secured for the next months. We have stockpiled all relevant and necessary production materials while our production capacity remains fully available without any restrictions. By scheduling offset shifts we can ensure the timely delivery of tools for the production of food- and medical packaging. At the same time, we are lowering the risk of infection amongst our staff. Respiratory protection is being used during production and remote work from home offices is being supported.

Please understand that we are currently not welcoming any visitors or facilitating personal client meetings. Of course we are available to support you in any regard via phone or other means of communication. We also want to protect your business with these actions. We also wish that your business and staff remains spared from an infection. Our trust lies with our health system and we hope that we can return to normality soon.

With kind regards,
your Bieling & Petsche team